September 24, 2003
Senate approves Staples map

I've been under the weather the past two days, so I don't quite have the energy to do my usual thing on this, but late last night the Senate approved a slightly modified version of the Staples map by an 18-13 vote. Democrats used a variety of parliamentary tactics, many of which were questions aimed at gathering evidence for a future court challenge, to stall things, but the vote was eventually taken at about 9 PM last night.

I should note that the vote for the map went along party lines, with one exception: Sen. Teel Bivins of Amarillo voted No, because he prefers a version of the House map. I was curious why Sen. Bill Ratliff, who had previously announced his opposition to redistricting, changed his mind, so I called his office and spoke to a nice lady named Virginia. She said he issued a press release (which as far as I could tell none of the major papers picked up) saying that he thought this map treated his district fairly and that it would not prevent someone from that area winning an election. I did not ask, but I would presume that he does not feel the same way about the King or Perry maps.

Anyway, full coverage is here, here, here, here, and here. Of interest in the Express-News is a note that Perry will call a fourth session if necessary, and some details about how this map affects Rep. Henry Bonilla, currently the most endangered Republican member of Congress from Texas.

UPDATE: The Senate has given final approval to the Staples map, 18-12. Bivins voted No, Ken Armbrister voted Yes, Florence Shapiro was absent. Off to the House it goes.

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