September 24, 2003
Republican infighting

Remember Thomas Whaley, the State Republican Executive Board member who came under fire for allegations that he had secretly taped SREC meetings which contained embarrassing statements by the GOP leadership and gave the tapes to the Houston Chronicle? Well, we was indeed forced out by the SREC, and now he's calling on Susan Weddington, the state GOP chair, to resign.

Thomas Whaley, a businessman from Marshall who stepped down from the State Republican Executive Committee under pressure from Weddington, said the chairwoman's leadership was "hurting" the state party.

"I believe it is time for her to resign or be replaced," he said.


In a letter several weeks ago from Rene Diaz, the Texas Republican Party's chief lawyer, Whaley was accused of "disturbing the well-being of the SREC and hampering its work."

He was ordered to submit to a closed-door grilling by party officials or resign.

Whaley said he resigned with the understanding that his successor would have the support of most Republican county chairs in District 1. He said he was assured that Sam Moseley of Marshall, the Harrison County Republican chairman and a longtime GOP player, would get the nod.

But the executive committee, meeting in Laredo on Sept. 13, selected Ray Rocha of Mount Pleasant, the more conservative Republican chairman of Titus County, for the post.

Royer said there wasn't any agreement between Whaley and Weddington. He said Rocha, elected 43-16, mounted a more aggressive campaign, and Moseley didn't even attend the meeting.

Moseley said he agreed to be nominated as a way of resolving any conflicts over the post. "The next thing I know they had picked someone else," he added.

Awfully nice of you guys to provide us Democrats with a little distraction during these tough times. Please do feel free to keep it up.

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