November 01, 2003
Your mind may be made up, but you still have to vote

According to this story, most people in Houston have already decided how they're going to vote on Tuesday on the Metro referendum. That won't spare us from further advertising, of course, since each side needs to turn its voters out. But if when you see or hear an ad you say to yourself "Enough already, I've made up my mind", you can at least take comfort in knowing that you're not alone.

One item of interest:

The Business Committee Against Rail distributed fliers along some of the proposed train routes, warning businesses and homeowners that their properties could be seized by Metro for rail construction. The fliers also point out that many businesses went under because of construction of the Main Street line, which opens Jan. 1.

Right, and as we all know, road and highway construction never ever ever causes this sort of thing to happen.

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