November 11, 2003
Wilson vs Craddick?

I came across the following curious entry in the Quorum Report the other day and have been trying unsuccessfully to find out more information about it.


Calls blanketing Midland today [11/7]

Dave Wilson is a small businessman and a master electrician out of Houston who also happens to be politically active. In fact, he initiated the petition drive that got Proposition 2 on the Houston ballot two years ago. Prop 2 successfully prohibited health insurance and benefits to same sex partners employed by the City.

Mr. Wilson is clearly unhappy with Speaker Tom Craddick. So much so, in fact, that he has initiated his own automated telephone effort targeting Craddick's house district based in Midland as well as legislative offices in Austin.

The script of the call, and I presume the motive behind it, are behind QR's paid firewall. Has anyone heard anything about this? I have a hard time believing that Wilson will be successful in his quest, especially given his recent history of bucking the local power structure, but on the other hand, as Grey Davis learned, one should never underestimate a crank with a big bank balance and time on his hands.

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