November 12, 2003
MOB scene

The Rice MOB gets profiled by a classical music critic for the Star-Telegram, who was a member of the Baylor band 30 years ago. He did a pretty nice job of it, too, even if he didn't include any of the quotes that I gave him. Oh, well. Fame is a fickle mistress.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on November 12, 2003 to Other sports | TrackBack

Cool story... but I don't remember Rice upsetting (or playing) Texas last year, or any time recently. I think I heard that Rice beat Texas in '97 or so?

Posted by: Jonathan on November 12, 2003 5:50 PM

The T-shirts referred to a win over Texas in the 1950s, 1957 or so. It said "Rice 37, Texas 7" in big letters, with an asterisk and a footnote giving the date below. And of course it had "Tuck Fexas" on it, which was the non-family-newspaper part.

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on November 12, 2003 10:14 PM
Rice always wins the halftime show.

^^^ That's the one line in the story I'd dispute because it's founded on a false premise. As the rest of the story makes reasonably clear, the MOB doesn't try to "compete" head-to-head against other college bands (except maybe Stanford's, which is equally outrageous or nearly so).

Kuff, what were your quotes that they didn't use? :)

Posted by: Beldar on November 17, 2003 10:06 AM

"The MOB always wins the halftime show" is mostly an old joke from the days when the football team was really bad. It was a consolation cheer, like "We scored first!" or "We won the toss!", not to be taken seriously.

As for my quotes, I explained why a 37-year-old computer geek might choose to spend his Saturdays this way. Nothing too profound (short answer: it's fun and they let me), and since the focus of the story was more on the group than on individuals, it made sense to cut it. The reporter spoke to other "old farts" as well, so it's not like only I missed out. :-)

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on November 17, 2003 10:44 AM