November 15, 2003
New sites of interest

A few new sites to check out:

The Houston Democratic Forum, a group that is "an organization of Houston-area Democrats committed to upholding the best traditions of the Democratic party in our city, state, and nation", has a brand-new blog. It's currently a news links-only page, but now that I'm a member (and if you're a Houston Democrat, you should consider joining as well) I hope to eventually talk them into adding some commentary.

BraesDemBlog is a group weblog by the Braeswood Democrats. Steve Bates gets the credit for pushing them into blogging. By a slight margin, they beat out the HDF as the first Houston organization to have a blog, but they both take a back seat to the Brazoria County Democrats. I think this is a great trend (and I happen to know, though I can't say anything specific yet, that the trend will be continuing). I'll have more to say about this shortly, probably at the same time as when I can talk about my parenthetical item.

Finally, BANews is not a new blog but an RSS feed of several blogs, updated hourly and split into various categories. It's a new service provided by the folks at Barefoot and Naked. You can read about their policies if you think your blog belongs there.

You'll find all these links on my sidebar. I will consider it a Good Thing if I eventually have to create a separate page for all links like these. Check 'em out.

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Braesdemblog had some great articles!
Well done.

Posted by: John Craig on November 19, 2003 8:06 AM

Something has gone terribly wrong at the Animal Protection Institute's Primate Sanctuary.

Posted by: Donna on September 22, 2004 2:15 PM