November 18, 2003
Susan Combs

Greg highlights another name to watch out for in 2006, Ag Commish Susan Combs, who has some crossover appeal as well as obvious ambition. I'll simply note that the various state Commissioner offices are pretty much the high minors for people with asperations here - Rick Perry was Combs' predecessor, David Dewhurst used to be Land Commissioner, and Carole Keeton Strayhorn is a former Railroad Commish. It's unusual, at least of late, for one of these folks to not have an eye on a higher rung.

Greg notes Combs' stance on abortion ("pro-choice with exceptions", which reasonably mirrors that of her former boss, KB Hutchison and which resembles mainstream opinion but will disgruntle activists on both sides) and wonders if she'd draw a primary challenger based on it. I'd put money on it, and what's more, I'd make her an underdog in any GOP primary as a result. Given that, and given her partnership with Sen. Eddie Lucio on the school vending machine issue, you could reasonably spin a party-switching fantasy involving her at least as easily as you could for Strayhorn. Realistic? Not really, but a few bruising interparty matchups plus the eventual demographic shakeup could make some things happen before the end of the decade. It's not like it costs anything to speculate.

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