November 20, 2003
Ratliff resigns

It's official. He's departing on January 10. The Morning News answers a key question:

If Mr. Ratliff resigns early, it would trigger a special election to replace him. The Legislature is not scheduled to return in regular session until January 2005, but Mr. Perry has indicated plans to summon lawmakers back for a special session on school finance as early as next spring.

Among those mentioned as possible replacements for the seat are Rep. Tommy Merritt, R-Longview, and former Rep. Paul Sadler, a Democrat from Henderson. Former Tyler Mayor Kevin Eltife has also been mentioned among Republicans in the district as a possible candidate.

Merritt is a state rep, one of the ones who was slimed along with Ratliff by Free PAC in 2002. I'd expect this seat to remain Republican, but you never know.

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