November 21, 2003
The Yellow Dog Blog

The Texas Democratic Party has jumped into the blog pool with a new effort called the Yellow Dog Blog. As noted by Byron, who along with his coauthers at Burnt Orange helped design and build the site, the YDB will feature posts from State Party chair Charles Soechting and other TDP officials, plus guest appearances by current officeholders. The BOR guys will also contribute, and I may wind up chipping in on occasion as well.

I was going to say that this is the first state party blog out there, but a little poking around led me to Show Me Issues, a blog by the Missouri Democratic Party. Even if we're not the first kids on the block to do this, we're still on the leading edge.

I've got a longish post in mind that I'm not quite up to writing this morning about what a blog like this can and should try to accomplish (executive summary: facilitate networking among people who don't currently know who and what else is out there), but for now I'll just exhort you to check it out and add it to your blogrolls. Good job, all!

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I've been noticing for more than a year the occasional referral from a Dem blog in Oregon that actually has me on its links list. It does seem to be Official, which would explain, I guess, why it hasn't been interesting enough for me to ever link to, and I don't remember what it's called.

Posted by: Avedon on November 23, 2003 5:15 AM