December 11, 2003
The Koufax Awards

It's time for the 2003 Koufax Awards, and nominations are going on now. There's a lot of deserving blogs and bloggers out there, so some tough choices have to be made. My nominations are beneath the More link. Forgive me for the (allowable but still egotistical) indulgence of a self-nomination, in the "Best Series" category; had they been expressly forbidden, I'd have picked Slacktivist's excellent Left Behind posts instead.

Anyway, as with voting, if you don't nominate then you can't complain about who got overlooked or overrated, so take a moment and make your voice heard.

Best blog: Tough choice, as there are some great ones out there, but Atrios is still the king.

Best Writing: Teresa Nielsen Hayden. If she's not political enough for consideration, then I nominate Kevin Drum.

Best Post: I tend not to remember individual posts all that well, but David Neiwert's The Political and the Personal stayed with me.

Best series: For once, I'm going to toot my own horn and nominate my coverage of the Texas redistricting saga.

Best single-isse blog: Liberal Oasis.

Best group blog: Crooked Timber.

Most humorous blog: Pete Von Der Haar's A Perfectly Cromulent Blog. If he's not political enough, then TBogg.

Most humorous post: So, So Sad, by Andrew Northrup. Or his Shorter Right-Wing Punditry's Reaction To The Valerie Plame Affair. Can't have enough Gollum, you know.

Best design: The Daily Kos.

Best new blog: Colorado Luis.

Best special effects: Uggabugga.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on December 11, 2003 to Blog stuff | TrackBack

Koufax? I don't...oh..."lefty." Delicious.

I greatly appreciate the nom, Chuck. Not that I stand a chance in hell, but thanks all the same.

Posted by: Pete on December 11, 2003 11:26 PM

Best new blog is World O' Crap, I think.

Posted by: Greg Morrow on December 12, 2003 1:09 PM

Thanks for nominating me for best blog! I am very flattered.

You have gotten people used to the idea that a blogger can take a strong interest in local issues but not be just a local blogger, and I'm trying to pull off the same kind of thing. I wouldn't be surprised if people read my blog and think of it as kind of an oxygen deprived Off the Kuff.

Posted by: Luis on December 13, 2003 8:39 AM