December 22, 2003
Really getting ahead of ourselves

Clay Robison gives his year-end wrapup of political news and gossip, which mostly consists of snarky potshots at rehashed events. One noteworthy item:

H -- Hutchison, Kay Bailey. Another theory has the senior U.S. senator from Texas running for re-election in 2006, so as to position herself for a vice presidential bid in 2008, particularly if Hillary Rodham Clinton seeks the Democratic presidential nomination that year. Hutchison isn't saying, but guessing can be amusing.

That's what I call long-term prognostication. I'm not saying that the Bush in '04/Hillary in '08 tandem is an impossible parlay, but there's a lot of dominoes standing between here and there. And as long as we're pie-in-the-skying here, how's this for a potential spanner in the works: One of the redistricted Congressmen, say Jim Turner, wins the Governorship in 2006, thus allowing for a Democrat to be appointed as KBH's replacement in the event that she does win the Vice Presidency (not that I'd be rooting for it to happen, mind you). Hey, you never know.

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