January 01, 2004
Happy Birthday to Polstate

The Political State Report is one year old as of December 27, and new editor Temple Stark has a report on the site's status and history. He's also looking for feedback and a few more contributors, if you're interested.

As you can see, I've contributed to Polstate since the beginning, usually but not always crossposting stuff from here - during the neverending redistricting saga, when new stuff was appearing every couple of hours, it was all I could do to keep up. It's amusing to me that there's now five Democratic contributors from Texas, but there's never been a Republican one. (There were a couple of self-proclaimed R's who signed up in the beginning, but they never posted and were dropped for inactivity after two months.) Newest contributor Vince has gotten off to a running start. I also see by following his links that there's another county Democratic Party blog, this one for Van Zandt County.

Polstate is a useful resource and should be a happening place in 2004. Check it out and drop Temple a note if you want to join in.

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