January 05, 2004
Yeah, but where did she register?

So sorry that my recent bridge commitments caused me to miss the Spears-Alexander nuptials last weekend. I have actually attended a Vegas wedding chapel wedding, back in 1991 while I was at Comdex, and it too ended with an annulment. In that case, the wedding was between a friend of mine and her boss, both of whom considered it a joke despite the repeated warnings from the attendees and the chapel folks that it was a legally binding marriage. (Their rationale boiled down to "Hey! We're in Vegas! Let's get married!") Thankfully for my friend, she knew a lawyer who was happy to do the annulment for her pro bono.

I have no idea if this was intended as a joke on the tabloids, or just another publicity stunt. I think Backword Dave's comment here sums it all up, though.

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If it's humanly possibly to care less about Brittney Spears than I do right now, please advise how I can reach that point. ;-)

Posted by: William Hughes on January 5, 2004 2:30 PM

I got married in Vegas. My wife and I just celebrated our first anniversery.

Of course, we weren't drunk and in Vegas when we decided to get married.

We were home, and sober, about 8 months prior, discussing exactly how we wanted to get married. We chose "elope", which then morphed into a discussion of "where", and then into a "Well, we'd have to tell this person and this person, because I'd really want them their" and ultimately we just said "Screw it".

So we decided to get married in Vegas (we both thought it was a good choice, for that time of year, and the Paris Wedding Chapel is lovely), and our announcement consisted of publicizing the time and date, and inviting anyone who wanted to show up.

30 people or so showed up, and I got to meet some friends of ours from California.

It was quite lovely. But it was preplanned, and very sober. :)

Posted by: Morat on January 5, 2004 4:22 PM