January 07, 2004
More Koufaxing

There's more stuff to vote on for the Koufax Awards. For your consideration are the Most Humorous Blog, the Best Series, and the Best "Conservative" Blog. I put "Conservative" in quotes because it really should have been called Best Non-Lefty Blog, given the inclusion of libertarian bloggers like Jim Henley and Arthur Silber. Unlike nominee Roger Simon, whose graceless comment leads me to think he's been poaching campaign staffers from John Kerry, I don't think the nomenclature is a particularly big deal, but whatever. I do think that whoever nominated Al Gore fan The Talking Dog has misread it, though.

I was shameless enough to nominate myself for the Best Series award, but I cast my votes there for other folks. In all of these categories, one can easily make a case for everyone listed, but voting that way isn't particularly helpful, so one must narrow things down a bit. Not voting for a blog or a post doesn't mean it's not worthy. Not at all.

Seeing the nominations for Best Series and the links to them is in my mind an excellent endorsement of Movable Type or TypePad and their Category features over Blogger. Much easier to keep track of same-topic posts that way.

Still more to come (Most Humorous Post, Best New Blog, Best Group Blog, Best Writing), so check back soon.

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