January 08, 2004
Damn those latte sippers!

I think my favorite response to that Club for Growth ad is Jim's, but then I'm a sucker for quantitative analysis. Would you have guessed that Texas is way more Starbucks-infested than Vermont? Not that I'd ever set my non-coffee-drinking self down in one of them.

I see that Hesiod and Alex Frantz are thinking along the same lines. If we had an inquisitive media in this country, perhaps we'd see someone in that media do some of this work as well. Why does all this remind me of the time that Poppy Bush called "Doonesbury" readers a bunch of "brie-tasting, chardonnay-sipping elitists"?

Of course, Atrios has a pretty good response, too. Did anyone notice the way that the Club for Growth used cultural stereotypes of Iowa people as well? Lucky for them those Iowans are all such salt-of-the-earth types.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on January 08, 2004 to The making of the President | TrackBack

We Iowans can spot a phony a mile away, especially a bunch of geriatric actors who can hardly deliver their lines. Their accent is hilarious, they're obviously from the northeast, they sound like they're from Vermont. I like what happened on Crossfire, they had the Club for Growth guy on, the Democratic guest begged him to run the ad over and over, he said it's backfiring.

Posted by: Charles E on January 9, 2004 12:41 AM