January 13, 2004

I'm glad to see that the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has gotten themselves a webpage, since I criticized them for not having one awhile back. They're doing a good job monitoring and raising a fuss over various scandals (and boy is it hard to keep track of them all these days), and I like the approach they're taking:

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) is a non-partisan legal watchdog group working to force our government officials to behave responsibly and ethically. CREW's mission is to use the legal system to expose government officials who betray the public interest by serving special interests.

CREW aims to counterbalance the conservative legal watchdog groups that made such a strong impact over the past decade. These groups focused their attention on their left-wing adversaries, leaving the right relatively free from scrutiny. CREW focuses equal attention on misconduct by all, including the right.

CREW differs from other good government groups in that it sues offending politicians directly. There are already many fine organizations working to make government better. Their focus, however, tends to be on passing legislation or publishing information. There is no mainstream group dedicated to taking direct legal action against offending politicians. CREW fills that void.

Looks like they're pretty much a one-woman shop right now. If you want to give them a hand, you can click here and make a donation.

Thanks to Alfredo Garcia for sending this to me.

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