January 19, 2004
McGovern endorses Clark

So does this mean that we can officially call a halt to any future Dean-is-like-McGovern articles?

Wesley Clark, seeking to make inroads among supporters of Howard Dean, was endorsed Sunday by George McGovern, whose opposition to the Vietnam War propelled him to the Democratic Party's nomination 32 years ago.


"We are not going to lose this time," the former South Dakota senator said to rousing applause from an audience packed into the cinderblock cafeteria.

The endorsement comes just days after Dean publicly questioned Clark's party credentials and called him a Republican.

McGovern got two standing ovations in his remarks, which cast Clark as a "Democrat's Democrat" and a progressive politician with the best shot to break the GOP hold on national security issues and beat Bush.

"I think the best of the lot is Wesley Clark," McGovern said.

I'm not obsessively following the Iowa caucuses - tune in to Kos and Burnt Orange for good on-the-ground stuff there. It's a little too inside-baseball even for me, and besides, I'm for whoever the nominee is. For what it's worth, though, I'm liking Clark more now than before. He seems to be hitting a stride. I have some qualms about making the Presidency one's first run for public office, but they're not enough to sink him in my mind. I will say this - it'd be nice if our primary votes on March 9 matter.

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Clark's warm embrace of/from Michael Moore should play well among primary partisans, along with his views on abortion (which should be between a woman and her doctor right up till the sucker pops out, says the general). November may be a different story.

Posted by: kevin whited on January 19, 2004 10:20 AM