January 25, 2004
Koufax Awards final voting

The nominees for all of the Koufax Awards have been narrowed down, and final voting is going on at Wampum. I'm surprised and quite pleased to announce that I'm a finalist in the Best Series category. Honesty compells me to state that my vote in this category would have gone to Slacktivist for his awesome review of the "Left Behind" books, but he didn't make the cut. Voting appears to be hot and heavy right now, and the Wampum page is loading slowly, so be patient and be sure to review all of the contenders. There's some really great stuff out there. Thanks to Dwight and Mary Beth for doing all the work on this.

UPDATE: Just finished voting. Some incredibly tough choices to make, and no one should feel bad for being a runnerup. The site is loading a lot more quickly now, so take a moment and make your voice heard.

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