January 27, 2004
TAB loses again

From the Quorum Report:


On to the Texas Supreme Court

The 3rd Court of Appeals has just rejected an effort by the Texas Association of Business to avoid turning over documents in their civil suit filed by Buck Wood on behalf of former Democratic candidate James Sylvester.

Wood is seeking amounts and numbers of contributors to TABs campaign a year and a half ago. He is not seeking names of contributors.

Taylor said "The 3rd Court of Appeals yesterday afternoon denied TAB's writ of mandamus without opinion. This afternoon, TAB is filing a writ of mandamus with the Texas Supreme Court and requesting a stay of a lower court decision that TAB produce certain information about its public information activities prior to the November 2002 general election. This is the first time the Texas Supreme Court has been asked to rule in this matter."

A new site called Clean Up Texas Politics has an article that explains why the TAB is a perfect oh-fer in its quest so far to keep its dealings a secret.

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