January 28, 2004
Come join my committee

Got the following in an email tip. Looks to me like his Democratic colleagues in Washington are doing what they can to help out Rep. Chris Bell in the primary:

Texas redistricting has proven a major distraction for most incumbent Democrats, but House Democratic leaders in the past week have only added to freshman Democratic Rep. Chris Bell's legislative responsibilities.

House Minority Leader Pelosi announced Monday she is recommending Bell's appointment to the Financial Services Committee. The recommendation follows an announcement last week from Minority Whip Hoyer that he had named Bell as a senior whip to his vote-counting team.

"Chris will be a strong voice on the Financial Services Committee for Texas and the nation on affordable housing and consumer issues," Pelosi said in a statement.

If approved by the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, and the full Democratic Caucus, Bell would replace Rep. Charles Gonzalez, D-Texas, who left the committee to assume a seat on the exclusive Energy and Commerce Committee, which belonged to party-switching Rep. Ralph Hall, R-Texas.

A Bell spokesman said the appointments are recognition for Bell's party loyalty and work on issues such as the child tax credit and Medicare prescription drug law.

Thanks to JD for sending this to me.

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