January 28, 2004
Meet the hosts

I can't help myself. I'm caught up in Local Family Hosts Jimmy Kimmel Mania!

The satellite feed was fuzzy in Los Angeles when Jimmy Kimmel announced the Houston-area family he would be staying with during Super Bowl week, so the talk show host couldn't make out the winners.

"Don't be alarmed," Loretta Moutra quipped during Monday night's telecast. "We're Negroes."

It is that kind of spontaneous humor that endeared the Moutras of Missouri City to producers for Jimmy Kimmel Live. They selected the family over 4,000 Houston-area applicants to house Kimmel as a overnight guest and serve as the Friday venue for his edgy late-night talk show.

I gotta admit, it's hard not to like someone who'd introduce her family on national television in that fashion. I'm not quite at the point of contemplating the possibility of programming my TiVo to pick up a couple of those Kimmel-in-Houston shows, mostly because I shudder to think what sort of programs the TiVo would start to record on its own as a result ("My TiVo thinks I'm a light-beer-swilling lout!"), but I'm thinking about contemplating it.

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