February 04, 2004
OK, it really was worth it

I believe we can now officially answer affirmitively when asked whether or not it was worth it for Houston to host a Super Bowl: Apparently, doing so has made Dallasites envious.

Listen, Houston is one of my favorite places. How can you not like a city with a chain of coffee shops called House of Pies? It's just that it's been hard not to notice them wallowing in all that Super Bowl glory down there, while at the same time, we here in Dallas are reportedly having trouble coming up with a "branding" strategy to attract visitors.

According to the people who court tourists and book meetings, Dallas has an identity problem: We haven't got one! People think there's nothing here to do or see.

Schweet! The hell with those phony economic impact estimates, this is more than enough justification for me.

On a side note, as long as I'm on the op-ed pages, today's letters to the editor contains a missive which defends the strip clubs and the Chron's pre-Super Bowl coverage of them. Just so you know.

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