February 10, 2004
Deep Thoughts Dept.

Ken Hoffman answers the questions you didn't know you were asking:

Houston attorney Phil Sellers sent an e-mail with a perplexing legal question:

"In the Jack-in-the-Box commercial where the delicatessen manager is mad at Jack for introducing turkey club sandwiches, what does the `S' on Jack Jr.'s baseball hat stand for?"

Excellent question, and one that even had Jack executives in California scratching their big round heads.

At first, they said the "S" stood for Schultz Auto Repair, sponsors of Jack Jr.'s pee-wee baseball team.

But upon further review, they decided the "S" stood for "State" -- as in Jack's alma mater, Ball State University in Indiana.

So next time you're on trial for your life, and your lawyer appears to be in deep thought, this may be what he's thinking about: cheeseburger commercials.

That's pretty funny, but for the record, a Ball State cap would probably either have a "BSU" on it as seen here, or a cardinal as seen here. Not that I'm particular or anything. And as long as we're being trivial, we all know who Ball State's most famous alum is, right?

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 10, 2004 to General snarkiness | TrackBack

That reminds me of a time where I was working at a large law firm as a messenger and heard one of the senior partners playing Pac-Man on his computer. My thought was "I bet he's charging someone $300 an hour for that".

Now the question is, "When did Jack graduate from Ball State?"

Posted by: William Hughes on February 10, 2004 9:46 AM

Lawyers just wanna have fun?

On a slightly more serious note, I know an ad exec who tells me that Jack's voice is that of the guy who pitched the campaign; he did the demo to the JIB people and they demanded that he do the voice. He demurred at first, but was eventually convinced (no doubt by large sums of money).

Posted by: Linkmeister on February 10, 2004 2:39 PM

who is the guy that does the jack in the box commercials

Posted by: J funk on October 24, 2004 9:46 PM

He sounds like Matt Frewer, the doctor who was pursuing the little girl and got killed by Mary in the Steven Spielberg mini-series "Taken".

Posted by: J Petzold on February 18, 2005 3:42 PM

This is the only post I could find on this. I was curious if it was Stanford, but don't see any connection to Stanford in the company, but the colors and S work... but now I recall seeing a "State" pennant in his room in an old commercial.

Posted by: Kaleb on January 8, 2006 7:01 PM