February 14, 2004
It's snowin' down in Texas

It's snowing in Dallas and Austin, among other places I'm sure. Alan has pictures from Big D, Byron has weather images from Austin, and Scott says he'll have pix later. Meanwhile, Norbizness remains calm and collected about the whole thing.

In January of 1985, during my freshman year at Trinity, San Antonio was buried under 13 inches of snow, which started on Fridasy night and continued through Sunday monring, and which was more than it had gotten in the entire 20th Century up to that point. The campus is on a hill, and the main result of a weekend's worth of snow was a severe tray shortage in the cafeteria for the rest of the semester, as pretty much all of them were turned into impromptu sleds. Classes were cancelled on Monday because the roads were still mostly undriveable thanks to all the Botts' Dots and their snowplow-discouragement properties. By Tuesday, it was sunny and 70 degrees and the snow was gone by nightfall. I actually saw a few women sunbathing amid melting snowbanks, something I never thought I'd see as a kid growing up in New York.

No snow in Houston, just more cold. Finally getting a little sun, and there's no real rain in the five day forecast. Fine by me.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 14, 2004 to The great state of Texas | TrackBack

I was born in San Antonio and lived there until I was 4. So, I was 2 in January of 1985 and that snowstorm with the 13 inches of snow was the first time I ever saw snow. I don't remember it, but my parents took a lot of pictures.

Posted by: ByronUT on February 14, 2004 1:14 PM

"Botts Dots," eh? I never knew what to call those. Kuff, you have an impressive knowledge of interesting trivia! Salute!

Posted by: Beldar on February 14, 2004 9:37 PM

I graduated from Trinity in '86, so I remember that snow well. I live in London now and have yet to see anything like it.

Thanks for the great blogging and the little trip down memory lane. Cheers!


Posted by: Brett McHargue on February 16, 2004 7:42 AM

Brett! Good to hear from you, dude. Having some Trinity folk around here helps to class the joint up a bit, you know? Thanks for dropping by.

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on February 16, 2004 3:23 PM