February 17, 2004
Elections today

Well, today we find out if Ben Chandler and the money he raised through blog ads is The Wave of the Future and An Ominous Portent For President Bush or just another pipe dream that couldn't abide the light of day. The polls look good, so keep your fingers crossed. If you haven't seen it already, the DCCC now has a blog called The Stakeholder which has been following this race closely. They have some pictures from the weekend canvassing-in-Kentucky project.

Today is also the day for Paul Sadler or Kevin Eltife to claim Bill Ratliff's Senate seat, and which Republican out in West Texas gets to run as the incumbent for Teel Bivins's seat in November. I have no idea how these races will go. Apparently, the local media in SD1 did not give the impending election there much play last night.

Early voting for the primaries in Texas should begin on Monday if I'm calculating things correctly. So far, the only ads I've seen have been for Ben Streusand, a Republican running for the new 10th CD. Streusand is very upset about all that profligate spending by Congress and vows to go to Washington and use his mad bizness skillz to impose a little fiscal responsibility. Apparently, no one has told him that the Republicans hold a majority in the House. I'm sure his people will set him straight on that if he does win.

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Funny how the guy who wants to cut spending is the one who's spending the most -- over a million so far on his silly "I'm not a lawyer!" radio and TV spots. If a fellow is so profligate with his own money then how can we trust him with ours?

Posted by: Lord Marmite on March 3, 2004 1:02 PM