February 17, 2004
More blogger candidates

Several people in the comments to this Kos post about Mary Beth's candidacy mention that they are now or have been candidates for office, including my friend and neighbor Rob Humenik, who aspires to be a Democratic precinct chair. (Consider this an official endorsement, by the way.) This is good on many levels - as Big Media Matt points out, you can't win elections without some good candidates. It will be vitally important for Democrats in Texas to start building a bench now, so we'll have some people with experience and name recognition as the demographics turn in our favor over the next decade or so. I hope that some members of Howard Dean's sizeable Texas organization channel some of their energy into that goal, for example.

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For your information, I am currently running for President of the United States of America as a candidate for the Democratic nomination, and I am at least the third blogger from Guilford County, North Carolina to blog for political office, the other two being David Hoggart and Tara Sue Grubbs. -Yellow Dog

Come on America! Get off your porches and run with the pooches-- the big Yellow Dog, that is! Together we can dig up the Bushes and herd the elephants right out of Washington!

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Although Tara Sue was first, I filed for City Council and signed up for a Radio weblog on the same day, August 1, 2003.

Blog was then called Hoggard4Council.

Hoggard with a d, not t

Posted by: David Hoggard on February 17, 2004 7:59 PM