February 17, 2004
Chandler wins, Sadler trailing

The great news is that Ben Chandler has won KY 6 by a decisive margin, 55-43 (with 2% going Libertarian) over Alice Forgy Kerr. Josh Marshall has a pointer to an AP story on the result. The DCCC is elated, as you would expect. Next up: Stephanie Herseth on June 1.

In Texas, Republican Kevin Eltife has a small lead over Democrat Paul Sadler in the race to replace Bill Ratliff in the Texas Senate. Here's the totals as I blog this:

State Senator, District 1 - Unexpired Term

Kevin Eltife REP 13,485 51.06% 37,721 50.81%
Paul Sadler DEM 12,923 48.94% 36,521 49.19%
Vote Total 26,408 74,242

Early Provisional Ballots Reported 6
Provisional Ballots Reported 56
Precincts Reported 264 of 313 Precincts 84.35%

That's a bit closer than it was when I checked a few minutes ago. Byron is keeping tabs on a county-by-county basis - as of his last update (45 minutes ago as I write), Eltife's lead was over 2000; now it's 1200. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: And now Eltife's lead is 4000, with 275 precincst reporting. That doesn't look good for Sadler, sadly.

UPDATE: It's Eltife, plus Kel Seliger in West Texas. A good day for ex-mayors, apparently.

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