February 20, 2004
Perry slaps Kay Bailey

I guess Rick Perry is taking the idea that he might not only be challenged but genuinely threatened in 2006 by a fellow Republican seriously. He's been vocally critical of Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn for some time now, but that's always been pretty much in self-defense. This rebuke of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is an unprovoked attack, which makes it way more interesting.

Gov. Rick Perry says Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison chose the worst possible time to call the Bush administration's progress on Mexico's decade-old Rio Grande water debt "halfhearted."

Hutchison told hundreds gathered at a Rio Grande Valley "water summit" Tuesday that she would urge President Bush to step up efforts to get Mexico to pay the approximately 1.3 million acre-feet of water it owes under the terms of a 1944 water-sharing treaty.

"I have been extremely disappointed in Mexico's blatant disregard for the treaty and what I feel is a halfhearted effort by our government to enforce it," Hutchison said.

Perry said Hutchison's words belittled recent water transfers that have Mexico current for the present accounting year. He said criticism now could hurt the mood of Mexican President Vicente Fox's visit to Bush's Crawford ranch next month.

"I think the Bush administration has done everything in its power," Perry told The Associated Press. "We've got some very serious negotiations going on with President Fox. ... I think to be overly critical, knowing the sensitivity of the negotiations, is in no one's best interest."

Hutchison said that she recognized Bush had many issues to deal with but felt he needed to put more weight behind the water issue.

"I doubt that Gov. Perry was able to read my entire remarks. I said President Bush has been forced to prioritize, and until now, homeland security has come first," she said. "But now Mexico has the water, and it's time for the State Department to enforce the treaty and eliminate the water debt. I hope the governor will agree to stand up for the farmers of South Texas."

Hutchison is considered a possible opponent to Perry in the 2006 gubernatorial election.

Sure is cute to see Gov. Perry stick up for the President against such scurrilous carping, isn't it? I can just see the slogans for the 2006 primary: "Rick Perry - Cleaving more forcefully to George Bush than anyone else!"

Posted by Charles Kuffner on February 20, 2004 to The great state of Texas | TrackBack

With the rumors about Perry going around, I wonder if our stealth senator will have much competition by then.

Posted by: Adam Rice on February 20, 2004 11:52 AM

93% of all US Oil production has been "outsourced", since l996, (see Pentagon/DOD/DOE) to UK/Saudi in an expert and successful ettempt by Rockefeller to "re-make" the original Standard Oil Cartel...except this time he's reconstituting it overseas, in Britain, by orchestrating the sale of "controlling" interest to British. Hence, UK/Amoco and ChevronTexaco are jointly operating Gulf after Chevron acquired Gulf a few years ago. That just leaves ExxonMobil as the last two remnants yet to formally rejoin the old Standard Oil Trust. The beauty of the plan is that it is reconstituted in Britain and Saudi Arabia away from Congressional Oversight and Control of U S Federal Court Systems that broke it up in the first place to prevent it from taking over the American government. Guess what..."they're back"! To accomplish this, the Reagan/Bush White House issued executive order 12.333 which transferred the oversight, control of all international and domestic investigations requiring international fact-finding from the Presdient to the Vice President. Keep in mind..if the oil companies ONLY operate overseas and if the US is "estopped" from investigating ALL OVERSEAS crimes and activities of all forms...Chevron is "re-making" and operating on a "global" scale in complete secrecy and darkness, while using the US Military as its' own personal (and free!) securit service..that is outside civil authorith and criminal investigations as well. Lest we forget, George Herbert Walker Bush was the V P under Reagan and Cheney was his cabinet. In addition, Reagan has probably "forgotten" that he authorized George H W Bush to head the process to "privatize 27 specific Government functions adn to head the panel select the companies" who would begin to provide these critical services, including Pentagon support. Bush was successful in placing (helping the U S Govt abandon) 27 of its critical functions to outside Contractors who are owned by the Energy Companies. also add to the mix that Executive Order 12.333 can be executed only upon a declaration of war. Thus during wartime..no domestic branch of the U S intelligence may investigate ANY security breach or crime...anywhere in the world except with the Authority of the Vice President. That's enough for now! Let's summarize..Chevron has reconstituted itself...With the Current Gulf War II the Chevron Overthrow of the U S Government is nearly complete.


Posted by: zorro on May 4, 2004 2:09 PM

one final note. George Herbert Walker Bush and two other partners owned Pennzoil Motor Co at the time it acquired 9.2% of Chevron. In fact, it is quite possible that the Bush family fortune including controlling interest in a company called CalTex, which held the exclusive contract worth hundreds of billions of dollars to distributre 100% of all oil pumped by the old Saudi Aramco, throughout the entire planet. (which was Texaco/Amaco/Shell etc. before OPEC took over). When OPEC took over..CALTEX keep handling most of the global distribution for the OPEC member nations. Very lucrative...the largest in the history of the World...especially if you are an Arbusto! If the Bush family did in fact own CalTex, Bush, Sr. disclosure of a net worth of only $3.0 Million at the time he assumded the Presidency was a fraud. That means George Bush's dad owns a controlling interest in Chevron. Chevron subsequently purchased Gulf and Texaco and now operates as ChevronTexaco, regardless of the oil-soaked media's attempt to call it "Unocal", which no longer exists.

None of this makes sense unless you keep in mind that "Chevron" was the primary contractor for "UN Food for Oil" Catastrophe. That means that every bribe and completed only further engorged "Chevron's" profits. Keep in Mind also that Paul Bremer was working with Kissinger & Associates, representing Chevron during its' successful contract negotiatons with the Taliban leaders in the Pakistani Government in l998. The Contract required the Taliban to provide security for the Caspian Sea Pipeline link that travelled through Pakistan and Afghanistan. I Understand that Chevron made a down payment of approx $140. to the Pakistani Govt but my info may be outdated. When Clinton hit the Afgans in l998, there is a rumor that he was actually trying to submarine Chevron negotiations with the Taliban, who by then had permitted bin Laden to destoy the embassies in Africa. So, in a nutshell, connecting the dots with Condoleeza Rice...we must all remember that she was on the Board of Directors of Chevron at the time of the negotiations. She was also on the ExxonMobil Board as well as the Board of J P MOrgan/Chase which owns controlling interest in General Electric which owns NBC,...on which you will NEVER see this story reported! See the connections? What has all this to do with Kay Bailey!....not so fast!

Muhammad Karzai, the current "acting Governor" of Afghanistan was also Chevron's main Pipeline consultant in Afghanistan. The Bush administration is having trouble selecting "leaders" in Iraq that don't have apparent Chevron connections, since the world is getting wise to the ploy! Furthermore, Bush/Chevron has no intention of handing over Sovereignty to the IRaqi people until Chevron can regain control of the Iraqi oil fields, which is by no means, certain, UNLESS they can get the UN back in to start up "Blood For Oil". The reason why Bush needs the old Saddam Intelligence regime back in place is because they are already the "keeper of the keys" on the issues of keeping quiet and discreet about Chevron oversight. In other words...it worked once..why fix it if it aint' broke. (I'll explain why Chevron didn't want Saddam captured in Gulf War 1 at a later time) Keep in mind that the Iraqi oil fields were originally nationalized by Saddam Hussein. At the time they belonged to British Petroleum. Subsquently, they came under the control of ChevronTexaco.

What's Kay Bailey's role in all this? Why don't you ask her. Ask her about Global Election Systems Inc. It's a Canadian company that Diebold bought out. Ask Kay Bailey who owned the Canadian Parent company...i'll bet we find out it was a British Company that was VERY interested that the plan to acquire the remaining pieces of the American oil fields went smoothly. In fact, I think Justice Scalia may be hiding some VERY important investments. Remember Scalia dropped a hint in his, "defensia"! He said "friendship...with Cheney...I can't be bought so cheap". Keep in mind, he doesn't value his friendship with Cheney, that he apparently may already have been bought but the price was much higher. I wonder how much higher. Won't you go home Kay Bailey. I think you're getting old!

Posted by: zorro on May 4, 2004 2:38 PM

i'm really sorry to be doing this, this way but I'm not getting any exposure of the Chevron plan. of course, i'm probably just paranoid but here are some media facts disclosed by 3 years of net research. CBS is owned by Westinghouse, which used to own Vinnell Corporation that trained the Saudi National Guard and Saudi Secret Police run by Prince Turki...who also at one time was heavily involved with the Pakistani ISI. Westinghouse, CBS' Parent, is wholly owned and operated by British Nuclear Fuels Ltd...(BNFL). BNFL, I'm sorry to report is actually a Branch of the British Govt. There isn't even any stock. Just so you know...Halliburton is right now providing Security in England for all British Nuclear Submarines in the British Fleet. What does this mean..it means that the British Government basically owns and operates CBS...and are partnering with the Vice President of the United States, by Proxy... As you may know, Westinghouse and General Electric are the ONLY companies in the world licensed to build Nuclear Plants and manage Nuclear Waste. If it's Nuclear in Libya...just ask the British who it belongs to.

Next problem is the General Electric/NBC/Vivendi Connection. CBS is history...how about NBC...the recent merger with Vivendi-Universal superficially makes it appear that two "media" companies have merged...Wrong! Vivendi-Universal is an oil/energy/mining/electric energy company in TV Clothing. Vivendi is actually Vivendi Energy Group, operates as Vivendi Environmental, which frequently partners with Halliburton in providing pollution water clean up services, in EVERY country of the world, for EVERY oil company in the world. There is much discussion as to the effectiveness of their efforts...but of course you won't see that story on NBC NOR will you see the fact that Vivendi also owns Dalkia Energy Co Generation.which is one of the worlds largest suppliers of electrical generation plants in the world., Coal/Nuke/Hydro. Didn't somebody say that Arnold Schwarzenegger was working for Universal Studios? Sure...Governator 3 is in the works. If you aren't California then you also wont get the problem with the fact that Vivendi and Halliburton and Reliant Energy are also contracts of the British Government, in water and utility contracts throughout the UK. A little know fact is that Governor Davis had just signed a contract with a small Water Mgt Company just before the "recall" campaign was begun.. I understand that Vivendi/ also bid on the same contracts..through a company it owns called U S Micro that provides waste water clean up in LA/Socal. (sic?) So, as Bush said, he had no connection with the overthrow of the California Govt...but nobody EVER asked Dick "of America" Cheney! Regardless...I think you understand that the Oil/Energy Generation/Water industry may have a great friend in Arnold Duh Grabbenfurher, or certainly a commercial partner!

If you don't want this on your site let me know by e'mail. i'll never come back. if you do..I can guarantee you this is the tip of the tip of the iceberg...are you game?


Posted by: zorro on May 4, 2004 3:01 PM