March 01, 2004
TRMPAC overview

The Chron has an overview of the TAB/TRM investigation so far. No new information for those who have been following this from the get-go, but a pretty good recap for those who've tuned in late. You know those "Previously on" clips that you see at the beginning of 24 or Angel? It's like that.

UPDATE: And another overview from the WaPo, plus some editorials supporting Earle's investigation from the Statesman, the Express News, and the Chron. One thing to note about the Chron piece:

Ironically, TRMPAC didn't need to raise $600,000 in corporate donations. With the dominance of the Republican Party in Texas, a GOP House majority was all but assured. What TRMPAC's backers wanted was the right kind of Republican majority, one that would put off school finance reform and devote most of last year to congressional redistricting, a majority that would do DeLay's and business lobbyists' bidding rather than the voters'.

You could replace the first clause of the second sentence with "With the 2001 Legislative Review Board's redistricting of the State House map" and be equally correct. Links via The Stakeholder.

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