March 01, 2004
One more week of early voting

Early voting for the March 9 primaries in Texas continues through Friday the 5th, and after that you'll have to do your civic duty on the appointed day itself. Here's a few links and resources to help you figure it all out.

The Chron's endorsements are here, for better or worse. For whatever reason, that page doesn't include their recent endorsemsents of Chris Bell and Richard Morrison.

The Austin Chronicle and the San Antonio Current have some good coverage, including this Current story on a race in State House District 120 between incumbent Ruth Jones McClendon and challenger Sandra Martinez. Note that there's practically nothing in the Houston Press or its sister paper the Dallas Observer. Apparently, in their desire to reach that all-important younger readership, they've decided that voting is for old people.

On the other side of the street, Greg points to some Houston Review endorsements, while the United Republicans of Harris County, a more moderate group led by former County GOP Chair Betsy Lake, has its picks up as well. Those of you stuck in the new CD 10 and who are considering a tactical crossover should take their opinion into consideration.

Finally, on a personal note to the Riecke Baumann campaign: No one in this house will be voting in the Republican primary. Please stop calling us. Thanks.

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If it weren't for the Bell - Lee race (praise jeebus, I'm out of Culbertson's district), I'd vote in the Republican primary.

I figure I waste $30-40 a year of their money when I do this.

Posted by: Charles M on March 1, 2004 8:54 PM

Speaking of Congressional races, now that it looks like we've got our presidential matchup, The Nation has kicked off a renewed discussion about who Kerry might pick to run as his vice-president, suggesting:

But, if Kerry is as smart as he has proven to be so far in this campaign, he won't play the old game of picking a running mate who might emphasis on "might" -- help him carry a particular battleground state. Rather, he will follow the lead of Carter in 1976 and Bill Clinton in 1992 and pick a vice presidential prospect who helps to energize the party's base voters nationally, and who add ideas and energy to a ticket that will be needing more of both those commodities.

It suggests one possibility from TX:

* Texas Representative Lloyd Doggett, one of the savviest and most effective members of the current Congress. He's a former state Supreme Court Justice with a great legal mind. And wouldn't it be interesting to hear a Texas-accented voice explaining the folly of the war with Iraq, the Patriot Act and other Bush initiatives?
Let the veepstakes begin (again)! Posted by: OnBackground on March 3, 2004 10:24 AM