March 03, 2004
RIP, Marge Schott

Marge Schott, the former owner of the Cincinnati Reds, died yesterday at the age of 75. For someone as well known as she was for making racist statements, there was a fair amount of effort to find nice things to say about her in this article, as well as in pieces by Tim Kurkjian and Mickey Herskowitz. Personally, I can appreciate that we're all complex human beings, and that Marge Schott will be remembered fondly by people who (unlike me) knew her as well as for her charity work, but I can't get past my conviction that at heart she was an ignorant, racist cheapskate. If I'd ever seen any evidence that she came to understand why many of the things she said were hateful and hurtful, I'd soften my opinion. Sadly, it's too late for her now.

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