March 04, 2004
Getting Kinky again

Yet another profile of Kinky Friedman, self-proclaimed independent candidate for Governor of Texas in 2006.

For all of those wondering why the front man for the country music group 'The Texas Jewboys' wants to run the Lone Star State, Kinky will put down his cigar and say from under his 10-gallon hat: "Why the hell not?"

"I want to fight the wussification of the state of Texas. I want to rise and shine and bring back the glory of Texas," Friedman said. "I am a writer of fiction who tells the truth."

Friedman, whose first name is Richard but is known by Kinky and a few other names that are not publishable, does not have a campaign platform -- mostly out of fear there may be a trapdoor somewhere underneath that will spring open and leave him swinging.

He writes a regular column for Texas Monthly magazine and is the author of 17 novels. His amusingly dark mystery "The Prisoner of Vandam Street," comes out this month.

For the record, in order to fight the wussification of this article, in his mysteries (in which he himself is the sleuth), Friedman introduces himself (to women, anyway) as "Richard Kinky Big Dick Friedman". Take that, FCC!

The article goes on to cover most of the same ground, and many of the same one-liners, that you could find in previous Friedman for Governor stories. We're a long way from 2006, so it'll be awhile before we know for sure whether this really is the start of a serious campaign or just a novel way of drumming up publicity. I'll say this - if they make a reality show out of the Friedman for Governor campaign, I'll watch. If they're really smart, they'll run it on HBO so Kinky can be his own true self.

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A Kinky Friedman for governor campaign reality series would be far more intelligent than anything than has ever been seen in the genre. As for his chances of winning, he does have connections in the media (He has been on Imus In The Morning numerous times) and does come across as an intelligent sort of wise-acre.

Run, Kinky, Run!

Posted by: William Hughes on March 4, 2004 8:00 PM