March 17, 2004
The Chron still doesn't get this whole "blog" thing

The Chronicle now has a spring training "blog", continuing the great tradition of "blogs" that it started with Rachel Graves in Crawford. This is what, their fourth or fifth try at it and they still haven't figured out that real blogs, the kind that I refer to without scare quotes, have permalinks and archives. I'll let them off with just a warning on things like blogrolls and RSS feeds since these efforts are always designed to be temporary, but that still doesn't excuse the other items.

And as long as I'm engaging in a little gratuitous Chron-bashing this morning, would someone please tell whoever compiles their weekly TV guide that HBO and Encore haven't been channels 66 and 68 for, like, months now? I know that AOLTimeWarnerOfBorg moves channels around like a Martha Stewart wannabe on speed rearranges her living room, but this isn't a recent change. Get with the program, guys.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 17, 2004 to Blog stuff | TrackBack