March 19, 2004
It's official: The tech boom is over

Anyone remember DotComGuy? Would you believe he's been DotComGuy for five years now? But not for much longer.

Mitch Maddox, who legally changed his name to DotComGuy in 1999 and got lots of media attention because of a yearlong Internet stunt, is selling his trademark name.

"I've taken it as far as I can go," Maddox said Tuesday.

I believe that was true about five seconds after you made the announcement, but that's just me.

In 2000, the 30-year-old Dallas native moved into an empty house and survived for a year solely off purchases made on the Internet. Viewers could watch Maddox 24 hours a day via a streaming Webcast on his Web site,

Maddox began an auction Tuesday on his site for the trademark, DotComGuy, and the domain name

"It's an asset I've had lying around, and I think it can really benefit someone else," Maddox said.

Yes, because venture capitalists are really hot to fund the next big Internet gimmick. Let's face it: if Jennicam is no longer with us, the DotComGuy webcam is not exactly going to be a cash cow.

Media outlets worldwide covered Maddox's online stunt. The promotion garnered sponsorships from several major companies including UPS and, an online grocer.

Maddox was visited by celebrities and performers including Ed McMahon and the rock band Incubus.

Ed McMahon,, and the rock band Incubus. I don't think I can possibly add to that.

After his yearlong commitment expired, Maddox faded from the public eye. In the interim, he took some time off, traveled the world and made speeches.


In November 2002, he married Anne Rehfeldt, a Fort Worth native he met through the online dating service

The marriage license says Rehfeldt married DotComGuy, Maddox said.

Maddox said he will be happy to retake his family name as well as allow his wife to take his last name.

Once again, I don't think I can add anything to that.

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