March 21, 2004

The folks at Six Apart, makers of MovableType, are getting close to releasing a new version of theit software that will allow blog owners to deal with unwanted comments (comment spam and anonymous drive-by abusives) in an integrated fashion with a service called TypeKey. I'm going to have to take a close look at it when it comes out, but I like the general idea. Jay Allen, the guy who gave us MT Blacklist, is sufficiently excited that he thinks MT 3.0 and TypeKey means that MT Blacklist's days are numbered. Not everyone is as sanguine as he is, but for now count me in the looking-forward-to-it camp.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on March 21, 2004 to Blog stuff | TrackBack

It might be worth asking your commenters what they think before charging ahead and implementing it (although it is, of course, the blog proprietor's ultimate decision).

I will not be registering centrally at any site overseen by the Trotts for the privilege of commenting here or at any other MT site. Other folks may feel differently.

Posted by: kevin whited on March 22, 2004 8:08 AM

I'm sure I will. I'm not 100% sold on this solution yet, and I am reluctant to ask people to do something they might not want to do. MT Blacklist is controlling my comment spam (for now, anyway) and anonymous drive-by abusers are not an issue (again, for now). So we'll see.

Posted by: Charles Kuffner on March 22, 2004 8:46 AM