April 12, 2004

D-435 is a project to enlist a Democratic candidate in all races where there's an unopposed Republican. Most of these would be considered longshots of varying extremity based on 2002's returns, but a handful of them are within shouting distance for a decent challenger (CO-4, CT-5, MI-11, and OK-4). As for the truly quixotic challenges, all I can say is that every once in awhile an incumbent Condits himself, and when that happens it's best to have an actual opponent in place to take advantage. No matter how you slice it, some chance of winning is better than no chance.

Sadly, it's too late for Texas, as our filing deadline has long passed. I'm pleased to note that Lorenzo Sadun, the write in candidate from CD-10, now has a web page and is having a series of campaign kickoff events all day tomorrow, starting in Houston at 9 AM and finishing in Austin at 4:30 PM, with stops in Brenham and Giddings along the way. He's even got a blog, so you know he means business. Go get 'em, Professor!

D-435 link via MyDD. The Swing State Project has a few thoughts on this as well.

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