April 13, 2004
Chuck D

From yesterday's Chron: a profile of Chuck D, one of the stars of Air America's lineup. I haven't written about Air America so far because I've not listened to it, something which distinguishes me from William Raspberry. If I don't listen to music in my wall-less cubicle, I'm surely not going to listen to a talk show, and the last time I loaded RealPlayer on my computer at home it installed some other program that hogged up the CPU, so until it comes to an actual by-God radio station here in Houston (and I'm not holding my breath for that), I'll have to rely on what others are saying about it. (Verdict so far: Some people like it, and some people don't. Where else are you gonna go for that kind of incisive analysis?)

Ahem. Shame I won't get to hear what Chuck D is saying, but at least I can read about it. Check it out.

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