April 14, 2004
Runoff results

I was all set to start collecting links to round up the runoff results, but Byron's got it totally covered. Start here and click through the "previous" links until you're done.

It's pretty rare for me to care one way or another about a GOP primary race, but I'm glad that the voters of CD10 managed to pick the least insane candidate by electing Mike McCaul. Not that this should stop any of you who live in that godforsaken district from writing in Lorenzo Sadun in November, mind you.

Not a runoff but of interest is that Rep. Ciro Rodriguez is planning to file suit today to challenge the recount results in his race against Henry Cuellar. The deadline for such a challenge is tomorrow. The survivor of that gets to face James Hopson, who won the GOP runoff in CD28.

Posted by Charles Kuffner on April 14, 2004 to Election 2004 | TrackBack

The nightmare of Ben Streusand's ads did not even end with the election. I actually saw one this morning asking for votes in the runoff on April 13th. I had to pause for a second, and think wasn't the election yesterday, and didn't he lose? My guess is the T.V. station (channel 13) was the one that ran the ad by mistake, but it was still surreal.

Posted by: Antinome on April 14, 2004 10:18 AM

Like you, I am so glad that disgusting race is over. Only hard core ideologues like McCaul and Steusand would spend millions trying to paint the other as a liberal Democrat. Apparently they believe Republican voters to be complete idiots (and who am I to disagree?) As I've said before, with McCaul's primary focus on eliminating the IRS, he stands ready to replace Libertarian (I mean Republican) Ron Paul as the least effective, most irrelevant member of Congress. Welcome to the age of Republican politics!

Posted by: Dennis on April 14, 2004 4:03 PM