April 14, 2004
Casey followup

Kevin writes that Rick Casey printed a clarification in his column today regarding his usage of WaPo reporter Dan Morgan's story on Monday. Kevin's not too happy with Casey's explanation, and notes that he never got any kind of response from the Chron's ombudsman, so this seems to be pretty much the end of it from an official perspective.

For what it's worth, my experience with a complaint to the Chron about an author (in this case an op-ed piece writer) misrepresenting himself was no more satisfying. There's no good reason for this, and it's a big part of the reason why our hometown paper is held in such contempt. I'm not saying the Chron needed to agree with Kevin - I still don't fully agree with him - but he's 100% right when he asks "Why have a reader representative if he's not going to act as a real ombudsman who works as a reader's advocate (not to mention defender of journalistic standards)?"

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