April 17, 2004
A little weekend surfing

A few good things for you to read this weekend:

Matt Stoller says Release the blogs! and I'm inclined to agree.

Mark Evanier foresees a day when regular TV viewers will have more choices about when to watch a given program.

You want to talk about plagiarism in newspaper punditry? Julia finds an egregious case in Austin. I guess "fraud" is a more accurate term, but however you slice it, signing your name to someone else's work is just plain wrong.

Slacktivist has some good thoughts on Income Tax Day.

One of the points Matt Stoller made in his piece linked above is that progressives would do well to get some newer, sharper voices out onto the editorial pages, citing William "I've never listened to Air America and I feel very strongly about it" Raspberry and Nick "I've never used Google so as far as I can tell feminists have never said anything about the Third World" Kristof as prime candidates for substitution. Let me be the first to nominate Jesse and Ezra of Pandagon as their replacements. They've both been on fire lately, with these two pieces being evidence in favor.

And while you're at it, add Dwight to that list of Op-Ed Writers I'd Much Rather Be Reading.

Juanita, proprietress of the World's Most Dangerous Beauty Salon, slaps around Tom DeLay as only she can. Via Blah3.

Hope finds a nice article on blogs.

Sue just says no to pet cloning.

Kevin rates our local Happy Talk News programs on Attractiveness versus Intelligence.

Beware, New Orleans. The Fat Guy is coming to town.

Steve Bates sings about hacking Microsoft.

Pete has some thoughts on beer bongs and the Lingerie Football League. I can't comment on the latter, but would you believe I've been contacted by two reporters, one from Austin and one from Fort Worth, to comment on the Beer Bong Ban story? Apparently, they found my original post on the subject, thought it was funny, and hoped I might offer some local color. I thanked them for the compliment but told them I was in Houston. They told me that the New Braunfels City Council is going ahead with this boneheaded idea. I'll check around for new stories on the subject.

Antinome says that the State of Virginia is attempting to ban showers at kids' camps, or something like that.

Mark Cuban smacks around Donald Trump.

Finally, you want a real tinfoil hat conspiracy theory? Try this on for size. Now imagine, as Atrios did, that the allegation in question had been levelled against President Bush.

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Thanks for the link, Charles. Just for your readers' clarity... I did not actually hack Microsoft, or anyone else, nor would I ever do so. I just wrote a parody of a song by the defenseless Paul Simon, who also, I'm pretty sure, did not hack Microsoft, or anyone else, nor would he...

Posted by: Steve Bates on April 17, 2004 8:54 PM