April 21, 2004
Score one for the Hotshot

For all the dumping that some of us smartass local bloggers do on Chron hotshot columnist Rick Casey, he is occasionally able to print something new and interesting.

The shadow of U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison already looms over Austin. A top Washington aide of hers recently confirmed rampant rumors of her gubernatorial intentions.

"If Perry's (poll) numbers are anything like they are now, we're going," he said.

Hutchison, who hasn't had to deal with school finance, is seen as unbeatable. So Austin talk has Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst running for the Senate and [Comptroller CaroleKeeton] Strayhorn seeking his post.

Amazing what can happen when you pick up the phone and work a contact, eh? In addition to this being the strongest statement about Hutchison's intent yet, I believe this is the first I've heard of Strayhorn possibly running for Lite Guv. She hasn't given any public indication of that herself, but the scenario presented makes sense to me. Of course, if KBH does run for Governor in 2006, I would expect to see Rick Perry run for Senate, as he's as capable of reading polls as she is. Either way, there's four top Republicans and three offices that they jointly covet. Something will have to give.

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