April 22, 2004
Feds push for Skilling smackdown

The feds are attempting to have Jeff Skilling's bail revoked by claiming that his recent drunken shenanigans violated the terms of his release.

Federal prosecutors say ex-Enron CEO Jeff Skilling violated his $5 million bond in New York City earlier this month by being severely intoxicated, trying to lift a woman's blouse in search of an FBI wiretap and attempting to steal a car's license plate, according to a document filed in court Wednesday.

Prosecutors want U.S. District Judge Sim Lake to consider further restrictions on Skilling as he awaits trial -- but haven't said whether they want him jailed or whether they will ask that some or all of his bond be forfeited.

They could also ask the judge to limit his travel or require alcohol or drug testing and treatment.


Prosecutors note that Skilling's bond, set Feb. 19, required him to:

·refrain from excessive use of alcohol;

·report any contact with law enforcement as soon as possible to pretrial services; and

·not commit any federal, state or local offense.

Prosecutors contend that Skilling did use alcohol excessively, did not report to pretrial services -- rather, they called him after media reports -- and committed two state offenses in trying to steal the license plate and attempting to lift the woman's blouse.

Petrocelli said Skilling's lawyers should have done a better job of immediately getting in touch with pretrial services of behalf of their client.

The government said any violation of these bond conditions can result in a warrant for a defendant's arrest, imprisonment and forfeiture on the bond.

You know, if you're going to go on the kind of bender that turns into a potential bail-revoking public spectacle, you may as well go all out and get your money's worth. You should really have more to show for it than attempted license-plate theft and blouse-lifting. Sadly for Skilling, he may not get another chance.

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Did Skilling read Bonfire of the Vanities and think it was a how-to guide?

Posted by: kherr on April 22, 2004 4:10 PM