May 04, 2004
Morrison update

Continuing with the Texas Tuesdays tradition (hey, we've had more than two posts now, so that makes it a full-fledged tradition now), YDB has a brief interview with Richard Morrison.

What are you hearing voters on the campaign trail say about the race and Tom DeLay?

People are excited that I'm running! Honestly, the feedback I've gotten has
been the most rewarding and inspiring part of this whole experience. I can't
tell you how many people have told me, "Richard, I'm a Republican, but I
just can't vote for that Tom DeLay any more. You'll be the first Democrat
I've ever voted for, but I'm going to do it because I believe you'll do a
better job of representing me and my family in Congress."

Sounds pretty exciting to me. More exciting is the news on his front page that his ad on Daily Kos raised over $20,000. Great as that is, it's still chicken feed compared to the DeLay war chest, so do what you can and tack on that extra $0.36 to let him know where it came from.

Meanwhile, here's my interview with Morrison from a few months back, when he was just starting out. The more you know Richard Morrison, the more you'll like him.

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