May 11, 2004
Texas Tuesday: Morris Meyer

Our featured candidate in this week's edition of Texas Tuesdays is Morris Meyer, running against incumbent "Smokey Joe" Barton in the 6th CD. If you're a blog reader, you've probably come across Meyer one place or another, through his guest post on Atrios last month and fire-breathing blog ads. Meyer's been at work on the campaign for awhile now, during which he's been quick to embrace bloggers and the potential of this new audience - only fitting for a software engineer by trade - and he's been generating some good press for himself in CD06. As with last week, we'll be bringing you a short interview and a guest post from the man himself, so stay tuned through the day, and take a moment to help Morris Meyer out with a donation or two. Please add on an extra $0.36 to let him know that it came from the Texas Tuesday effort. And we're off!

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