May 12, 2004
Texas Tuesday wrapup

Thanks once again to everyone who participated in Texas Tuesdays, this week on behalf of Morris Meyer. We're continuing to define and refine the process, and as we go along we hope to get the message of our many excellent candidates out to supporters everywhere. More people participated this week, and as we go forward we hope to keep building on what we've done before. We may even have a few surprises for you in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

A big thank you to the following bloggers for helping spread the word:

Appalachia Alumni Association

100 Monkeys Typing

Alan D. Williams

Barefoot and Naked

The Joe Hill Dispatch

Frothing At The Mouth

Get Donkey!

Roman Candles

Skeptical Notion (soon to be on its own domain)


Burnt Orange Report

Greg's Opinion

The People's Republic of Seabrook


Backroads of San Angelo

The Stakeholder

Yellow Dog Blog

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No sweat, any time.

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