May 14, 2004
Morrison press release

They're pretty happy about how things are going right now over at the Richard Morrison campaign. I've reproduced a press release that I received this morning, which you can find under the More link, that gives some of the details. Word I'm hearing is that Tom DeLay has actually opened a campaign office in Sugar Land for the first time since 1986 and that they've started making some anti-Morrison phone calls. Nice to know Morrison has his attention - remember, the more time, effort, and money Tom DeLay is spending at home, the less he has to spend on other candidates. Let's hope the good news keeps coming. Go Morrison!

The Richard Morrison for Congress campaign today announced strong support within the district and across the country in their challenge to GOP power Tom DeLay. Campaign staffers revealed that their list of in-district supporters has exceeded 3,000 and that over 1,000 people from 45 states have contributed money to the campaign.

Morrison has raised more than $40,000 on the Internet since April 28th when surprising poll numbers came to light showing that DeLay had surprisingly high negatives in the very Republican district.

Since then Morrison has appeared on Air America Radio, been named one of the "Dean Dozen" by Democracy for America, and met with the DCCC and the Texas Democratic delegation, who pledged strong support to the campaign.

"It was inspiring to travel to DC and meet personal heroes of mine, traditional conservative Democrats like Martin Frost, Charlie Stenholm, Chet Edwards and Nick Lampson," Morrison said. "I feel honored and inspired to be part of their team in fighting against a bunch of bullying power-mongers like DeLay's and his Washington, DC gang.

"The outpouring of support all around the country has been very energizing for me and all of the members of my campaign team who are already working so hard to win. I was very excited to be on the air with Janeane Garofolo on Majority Report," Morrison continued "but I certainly have no illusions that all these folks are supporting me for any other reason than they're afraid of the damage Tom DeLay will do to the country if he's given another decade of right-wing rule in Washington DC."

"And it sure is a big day when Howard Dean singles us out and says we're one of twelve campaigns in the entire United States that he sees as 'representing the spirit of grassroots democracy,'" Morrison said "I'll tell you, when I see all these folks out at the Cinco de Mayo parade in Texas City wearing Richard Morrison t-shirts I know that the folks of this district are sure going to show the country what grassroots campaigning is all about."

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Sweet. Sweet. Sweet. I've had an "annoy Tom Delay" donate link for awhile now. I think the most delicious bit is the fact that, if Tom Delay loses, it would be because of redistricting.

Oh the sweet, sweet irony.

Posted by: Morat on May 14, 2004 10:37 AM

I second Morat, great work Kuff.

Posted by: jesselee on May 14, 2004 1:03 PM