May 17, 2004
Three ducks lined up

Well, as Andrew D notes, State Rep. David Swinford is running for Ag Commissioner in hopes of replacing Susan Combs, who has announced that she's running for Comptroller. The current Comptroller, Carole Keeton Strayhorn, has all but drooled over the possibility of running for Governor, and if so she'll have at least one GOP primary opponent, namely the current Governor, who either doesn't think that Senator Hutchison will want to come home to Austin or isn't worried about the possibility. Got all that?

Sheesh. Am I gonna have to create an Election 2006 category already?

Anyway. Greg and I were batting around different scenarios on Friday, and if Perry's announcement that he's staying put (for now) means that KBH is either retiring or running for reelection, then Strayhorn may well find herself on the sidelines in 2006, as I think she's enough of a black sheep now that she'd lose to either Combs or Perry. If KBH retires, Strayhorn's best hope is that one of Perry and Dewhurst abandons his office for a shot at the Senate, and she goes for that seat. It'd be interesting to see who she'd draw in those scenarios - I think Harris County Judge Robert Eckels would make a stronger cadidate for Lt. Gov. than Governor, for what it's worth - but I am certain that she'd be challenged wherever she runs.

UPDATE: Great minds think alike. With more detail over there.

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