May 18, 2004
Texas Tuesdays: Nick Lampson

Greg is your tour guide for Texas Tuesdays today, and as we celebrate the launch of the new site, be sure to check out today's featured pol, Rep. Nick Lampson.

Nick Lampson is the first politician I ever gave money to, back in 1996 when he was running against the execrable nutball Steve Stockman, who had ousted 40-year incumbent Jack Brooks in the purge of 1994. He's been an effective and moderate voice for his constituents, and his success in getting reelected in his mostly-Republican district made him a marked man during last year's redistricting travesty. I have no doubt that he'll run as good and tough a campaign as one can run against eccentric former judge Ted Poe, but he's going to need all the help he can get. Please consider chipping in to make his victory possible.

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