May 20, 2004
One more angle

This AusChron article is about a celebration of the Ardmore exodus by House Dems, but it contains an interesting nugget about the sure-to-be-revisted battle over gambling.

Austin Rep. Dawnna Dukes echoed [Waco Rep. Jim] Dunnam's judgment of the [special] session, and said that in addition to the moral objections raised against gambling by some Republicans, there is another factor concerns about competition with bingo game fundraising by churches and nonprofit organizations. "That's a bigger interest than you might imagine," said Dukes, "and they've all been down in the lobby." She said that the Democrats will not budge from their demand for equity in whatever funding scheme might be devised, and that enough Republicans from property-poor districts also have an interest in equity to produce the current gridlock.

You never know who's going to be in a given alliance sometimes. Just another item to file away for future reference.

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