May 23, 2004
State roundup - Lazy Sunday edition

I'm feeling unmotivated this morning, so I'm going to take the lazy blogger's way out and link to some fellow bloggers' posts on recent news items. Please go read:

Norbizness on the state's lack of money to pay for textbooks (see this Chron op-ed for more).

Southpaw on an update to the Strayhorn/Unitarian case. Unfortunately, unless I'm just missing it, the anticipated story in the Star-Telegram ain't there. Steve Bates has more.

Steve also has a good take on this Chron story about Karl Rove protege Ken Mehlman.

Burnt Orange Report for an update on the race for State Democratic Party Chair.

Pete on stupid expense account tricks.

Jack and Ginger on Governor Perry's decision to ignore a very rare recommendation from the Board of Pardons and Paroles to commute a death sentence.

Hope on why the Democrats were making her crazy this week. Actually, Hope and her co-bloggers Liz and Eileen have a lot of good stuff this week, so check it all out.

Civic Dialogues excerpts a commencement address by George Soros.

The Joe Hill Dispatch is following the flareup in Congress after Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi accused President Bush of being incompetent. The Stakeholder has more, lots more.

Tom Kirkland on why airlines are the way they are.

Kevin on being another casualty of high gasoline prices.

StoutDem on new advances in campaign sign defense.

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